Vetmed Ear Rinse


VetMedX Antimicrobial Ear Rinse for all animals effectively flushes, cleans and soothingly cares for wounds and irritations to the outer ear and ear canal.

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Pets are prone to developing ear infections for a number of reasons, like bacterial infections, foreign particles like grass seeds, wax buildup, and allergies. VetMed Ear Rinse soothes itching and irritations and helps speed up wound healing. The antimicrobial action of the active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, kills infection-causing microbes like bacteria and fungus.

Why Our Ear Rinse

  • Relieve irritation, itching and other allergy related symptoms in ears
  • Dirt and Debris cleaning & flushing
  • Reduce ear odors
  • Preventative care
  • Prevent build-up of wax
  • Clean and treat wound sites in ears
  • Daily maintenance for sensitive ears

Our ear rinse is  non-stinging and non-irritating, and can be used on pets of all ages and in all life stages. The VetMed range is all natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It does not contain alcohol, antibiotics, tea tree oil, steroids, hydrogen peroxide, or iodine.

How to use:

  1. Apply VetMed Ear Rinse to your dog’s ear canal.
  2. Massage the ear canal from the outside.
  3. Using clean, absorbent gauze, wipe the canal gently to clean the excess liquid away.
  4. Gently clean your dog’s outer ear canal and ear flaps.
  5. If your vet has prescribed medication, apply as directed.

Learn more about VetMed Ear Rinse and cleaning pet ears here.

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