VetMed Wound & Skin Care


Promote a healthy and accelerated healing process with VetMed Wound and Skin Care. Used to clean, irrigate, debride, moisturise and flush various wounds, cuts, sores, burns, abrasions, irritations and more.

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VetMed Wound and Skin Care for all animals is used to accelerate the healing process, clean and debride wounds, help relieve pain and provides protection against potential infections in cuts, sores, burns, wounds, abrasions and more.

Why Use VetMed Wound & Skin Care?

  • Skin irritations
  • Sores
  • Skin Ulcers
  • Cuts and Burns
  • Scratches and Lacerations
  • Cracked Teats
  • Umbilical & Navel cleaning
  • Post-surgical sites
  • Cleaning & debriding wounds

The VetMed range is safe for all animals species and can be used at any life stage. It is 100% natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Our products do not contain antibiotics, steroids, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or tea tree oil. You do not need a vet’s prescription to buy any of the VetMed products.

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